Sunday, April 6, 2014

What a difference two years makes!

Three years ago my sister decided to do a triathlon. I thought she was crazy. She wanted me to do it too, and I said, "He'll no! Never happening!" I'd just had a baby, and I rarely went to the gym.

I was so proud of her. Kind of started thinking, "I wonder if I could ever do something like that." Oh, wait, I can't swim! And I don't own a bike.

After a copious amount of alcohol one night, I signed up for the Super Sprint triathlon. Shortest distance. Least likely to drown. Heck, I figured I could doggy paddle it if I needed to.

I took swimming lessons from a teenager at the Park District who had to look up what a triathlon was. My first lesson was in April 2012.

I bought a bike. I remember telling the bike guys "it's mostly to bike with my kids. And I'm doing a short triathlon. Maybe." I honestly thought it was going to be the only triathlon I'd even do. It was such a stressful purchase... I spent months looking at bikes, reading reviews, and texting my sister. She thought I was crazy until she started shopping for a new bike too. Then she understood the copious research.

Now I'm eight weeks away from my first triathlon of 2014. I have FOUR planned this year! FOUR! Possibly a fifth depending on how the other ones go first. How I wish I had bought a road bike... if only I'd known I'd still be doing "these crazy things." I'm doing less 5ks- probably only 4 planned- and no "mud runs" this year because I can't afford to get injured.

First 5k is next week... I'll post a report afterwards!

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