Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's Crunch Time!

We leave at 1 pm tomorrow. I have a sitter coming to watch two of the kids; then we're picking our Tri kid up from school (yea, we're pulling him put early the first day of 3rd grade, lol) and driving to Chicago. Chicago traffic is so bad, we're doing our best to avoid it. We'll probably get downtown around the time packet pickup starts. Grab all our packets, get munchkin a race belt (I only have pink), and check out Saturday's course.

I'm not nervous at all about Saturday. Maybe nervous FOR my son's race, but not mine. Been there, done that, lol! However, I think kiddo is nervous so I want to show him as much as possible before his first triathlon.

Funny kid... All he wants is 1. an official shirt to wear to school on Monday, and 2. a medal. He *wants* to place, but he refused to train/practice all summer, so it's not likely. Hopefully this will plant the BUG, and he'll want to actually practice and do more in the future. I'd love to have him follow in my new Tri footsteps.

I AM terrified of Sunday. The swim portion. I am constantly telling myself, "You've done double the distance in the pool. Frequently. You've done this in open water, and yes it's hard, but you did it. You CAN DO IT." Repeat.

The bike... Eh, only 13 miles. Done more than that.

The run... A 5k. Done. Often.

The swim... A crazy chaos of 150 people going every 4 seconds who will be kicking me, hitting me, even swimming over me! OMG...

Seriously... My swim plan is to swim boat to boat and stay clear of everyone else. I'm estimating about double the time of my pool time, and I'm ok with that. :) As long as I get out on my own two feet, I'm good.

I've been making lists and packing for three days, so anything I forget I'll just buy at the Expo. I'm so ready to just go and do it!!

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