Monday, May 20, 2013

My Personal Super Sprint

Today starts my 2nd 12-Week Triathlon training program. My 1st 12-week training was ok; I did about 1/2 of it, focusing mostly on swimming, while letting my feet heal. Now it's FOR REAL.

To kickoff the REAL training, I did a Super Sprint at the gym today: 400 meter swim, 6.2 miles on the stationary bike, and 1.55 miles on the treadmill. I used the stopwatch and lap feature on my iPhone to keep track of each leg of the "race" and the overall time.

Then I accidentally hit Reset instead of Lap at the very end, and lost it all!!

Luckily, I'd been paying attention to it as I was going, so I can give approximate times. :)

The total time before my finger hit the evil Reset was 1:00 and some seconds. I clearly remember being happy I hit the hour mark on the head. Not award winning, but 3 minutes less then last year!

Swim 10:30
T1 9:45 Hahahaha.... wrestling out of a swimsuit and into clothes while trying to go quickly.... I'm sure the lady next to me was thinking, "Its a not a race..." I'm so grateful I don't have do that during a real race!
Bike 20:30
T2 1:45 Basically walking from the bike to the treadmill, drinking my water, and tightening my shoelaces.
Run 17:30

So that's my Day 1. :) I've got my training schedule set up, my open water swims planned, and in 12 weeks I'll do it again and see how my results compare before race day!

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