Friday, March 22, 2013


Things are changing in the Mom2Triathlon house... Mom may be home more than usual once summer hits. Still a work on progress, but something exciting is coming... ;-)

Discipline has changed too. I like it; the kids do not. Coupons!!

In the past our evenings would sound like this..
Mom: Kid, it's time to do your homework.
Kid: Its soooooo haaaaaard. I caaaaan't dooooo it!!!! (that line can last at least 30 minutes)
Me: Do your homework or I'm taking away [tv, video games, iPhones, etc]!
Kid: I don't care!!! Whatever!
Mom: Fine, no games! And if you don't finish your homework you can go to your room!!!

Mom: It's time to do your homework. You have 1 hour. If you get it all done, 2 coupons for you! If its not done, no coupons. :(
Kid: Coupons?
Mom: yup, kid, new system. You need coupons to watch tv, play video games, or use a iPhone. No coupon, no games. Toys, books, and journals are free though! :)
Kid: I hate this!!
Mom: But it's working... [insert evil laugh]

FYI, coupons are also earned for school mornings, bedtimes, weekend chores, and Mom surprises. Mom Coupons get trips to McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts too. :D

I have been ready about FlyLady lately too. It's about creating habits to create a calm, less cluttered home. I'm still trying to figure how to mesh Flying with Tri'ing, so it's a work in progress. A positive work.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bike and swim day, but I have to play it by ear. My Dad is in the hospital and its important I see him.

Have a great weekend!!!

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